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Which Are Iran Large Cities?

Iran cities are growing fast, but there are some already large cities in Iran. Those large cities are the ones industrially expanding. We have explained Iran large cities on this page so that you learn about them all here.


Tehran, capital of Tehran province 

Altitude: app. 1200m above sea level

Metropolitan population: app. 14,000,000

Industries: Tehran manufactures automobiles, electronics and electrical equipment, military weaponry, textiles, sugar, cement, and chemical products. It is also a leading center for the sale of carpets and furniture. There is an oil refinery nearby. 


Arak, capital of Markazi province 

Altitude: app. 1750m above sea level

Population: app. 380,755

Industries: There are many plants for heavy industries especially for the metal and machinery industries as well as a heavy water production plant in Arak. There are oil refinery and petrochemical factory in Arak too.

Products: grain, barley, and fruits which are grape, apple, walnut and almond. However, Arak's hand made carpets, especially the Saroogh brand, are famous internationally.


Ahvaz, capital of Khuzestan province 

Altitude: app. 20m above sea level

Population: app. 800,000

Industries: Ahvaz is mainly involved in oil & gas industries. It also plays a major role in the commerce. 


Esfehan, capital of Esfehan province 

Altitude: app. 1590m above sea level

Population: app. 1,500,000

Industries: Esfehan accommodates one of the largest steel producing facilities in the entire region, as well as facilities for producing special alloys. There are oil refinery and petrochemical factory in Esfehan too. It also has got experimental reactors as well as facilities for producing nuclear fuel (UCF). Besides, Esfehan produces fine carpets, textiles, steel, and handicrafts


Kerman, capital of Kerman province 

Altitude: 1755m above sea level

Population: app. 533,800

Industries: Kerman produces a large quantity of copper, cement, machineries, carpets, etc. 


Shiraz, capital of Fars province 

Altitude: app. 1480m above sea level

Population: app. 1,255,955

Industries: Shiraz is a major center for Iran's electronic industries. There are oil refinery and petrochemical factory in Shiraz too. It is also the production place of industries such as cement production, sugar, fertilizer, textile products, wood products, metalwork, flowers and rugs. 


Tabriz, capital of East Azerbaijan province 

Altitude: app. 1400m above sea level

Population: app. 1,460,000

Industries: cement, machine tools, vehicles, petrochemical and many other industrial products. Tabriz carpets are also among the best-known products of this city. 


Mashad, capital of Razavi Khorasan province 

Altitude: app. 970m above sea level

Population: app. 2,500,000

Industries: a main producer of saffron and carpets, the city is known for its food industries too.


Other Large Cities of Iran

As there are lots of large cities growing increasingly in Iran, it is not easy to portrait all of them in a short text. Especially as each city or town in Iran is following a different pattern according to its indigenous potentials, one prefers to study each within its context. 

Large cities of Iran are chosen according to their sizes on this page to give you an overview of what they are like.


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